In my sculptures, I start with found objects, incorporating various media including molded paper, resin, fabrics, black acrylic, encaustic, watercolor, cyanotypes and LED lights. These pieces examine beliefs, perceptions and lore, as well as the history of the objects.

Since early 2020, I've been focusing on works on paper. I would describe my work as psychological cabinets of curiosity regardless of medium, and I am inspired by all that is Gothic and surreal.

On paper, I also use found objects, except these are pressed into pools of watercolor. From these emerge flattened gothic architectural elements, drawn with acrylic pen, which feature openings in which “curiosities” are later placed using photographic transfers. Pupae, insects, dead birds, silenced mouths and staring eyes, all become part of these 2-dimensional cabinets; memento mori along with memento vivere. Just as in Gothic literature, the work is reminiscent of architecture that once thrived and is now in ruin, dark and gloomy forests, evil omens, an overall air of decay.

Born in Poland and raised in Germany, Zofie King came to the US in 1998. After graduating with a psychology degree in 2002, she studied interdisciplinary craft at Towson University, then worked in interior design while taking classes at MICA and the Corcoran, and devoted herself to her studio art practice in 2012. King has had solo shows at the NVCC Margaret W. Fisher Art Gallery, DC Arts Center, Mount St. Mary’s University Gallery, and Hillyer. She was part of the Sparkplug Collective from 2017-2019 and is currently a member of the Washington Sculptor's Group. Her work is part of numerous private collections.