My artwork finds its roots in the Gothic aesthetic, where I merge surrealistic architectural elements with the organic beauty of nature. Using acrylic pen and charcoal, I add layers of depth with gouache and watercolor. Within the compositions, I introduce "windows" made from photographs and digital collages, transformed through the cyanotype process and partial solvent transfers.

In the vein of Gothic literature, my work exudes a contemplative mood, woven with mysterious threads. The architectural elements pay homage to the grace of ancient cathedrals and forgotten spaces. Within these vignettes, animals and plants traverse the intricate cycles of life, undergoing perpetual metamorphosis and decay to birth new life—a narrative of creation emerging from destruction.

The work is an invitation, encouraging viewers to wander through and explore the subtle emotions within. I hope to create a gateway for the mind to project and experience its own reflections.

Born in Poland and raised in Germany, Zofie King came to the US in 1998. After graduating with a psychology degree in 2002, she studied interdisciplinary craft at Towson University, interior design MICA, and exhibition design at the Corcoran. She devoted herself to her studio art practice in 2012, working in found object sculpture until 2020, then shifted her focus to mixed media works on paper. King has had solo shows at Hillyer, NVCC Margaret W. Fisher Art Gallery, DC Arts Center, Mount St. Mary’s University Gallery, Gallery Blue Door, CHAW, as well as a plethora of group exhibitions. She was part of the Sparkplug Collective from 2017-2019 and a member of the Washington Sculptor's Group. Her work is part of numerous private collections, as well as the DC Art Bank and the Hepburn.